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NYC Jam Session attendees- 2019

We Jam, Joyfully

We are a movement. We are aware of the data and the message around Black and Brown maternal health, yet we tap into our creativity to see change. Our jam sessions serve as intimate yet impactful events for WOC to come together and “redesign” the current state of maternal health. Spaces are inviting and joyful – challenging and changing the narrative around our bodies and children, one idea at a time. Whether you’re ttc, baby is in your womb, in your arms, or only able to be cherished in your memory, we believe your experience is valuable and your story necessary.

Coming Up

Where to Next?

Jam Sessions

✔ Durham, NC
03.09.19 – Register

✔ Baltimore, MD
05.24-26.19 – Register

07.20.19 – Register

✔ Anti-Weathering w/ Tall Grass Food Box (Virtual)
04.19.2020 – Register

✔ Anti-Weathering w/ Stacey Abrams (Virtual)
05.28.20 – Register

Anti-Weathering w/ Special Guest (Virtual)
Date: TBA – Pre-Register

Where to next?

We’ve pivoted to virtual jam sessions. Our last one filled up fast…


We want to hear from you. Let’s chat about sponsorship, collaboration, your story, etc.

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While not a 501(c)(3) itself, The Renée is a charitable organization. Through our fiscal sponsor,Upstream Works Collaborative (UWC), a 501(c)(3) public foundation, our supporters are able to make tax-deductible donations. Please make your checks out to UWC/The Renee. Thank you for your support.